About May Day Marching Band

About May Day Marching Band

We are a community-based band that welcomes members of all skill levels. We like playing fun and funky music at parades, rallies, protests, picnics, fiestas and other events. We also love to show up random places and surprise ya!

May Day Marching Band Statement of Purpose

  • To build and strengthen our community while supporting organizations and causes by bringing music, sound, creativity, and flexibility. 
  • To transform and reclaim public space. To encourage spontaneity, add energy, to build or break tension, express grief and radical joy, support community feelings, and to raise morale.
  • To make music accessible by teaching and welcoming musicians of all skill levels as a core value, which we embody through our commitment to practice and growth.
  • To uphold and advance our values:
    • fighting systemic oppression;
    • supporting each other in unlearning oppression;
    • nonviolence;
    • respect; 
    • consent;
    • compassion;
    • empathy;
    • awareness of our impact; and,
    • equality through horizontal non-hierarchical organization.


If you would like us to play at your event or have questions about the band, please contact us at

If you're interested in contacting us to play a show, please give us at least three weeks advance notice. We will try our best to confirm with you within a week after you contact us. When you email us, please include the following information:

- Date, time of the event, and the time you'd like us to play
- Location
- Who is organizing your event?
- What is your event for? What is the cause being advanced at your event?

Play with us!

We welcome members of all skill levels, and our goal is to be inclusive of everyone who would like to play with us. Our main practice is every Sunday from 2:00-4:00pm and additional practice is every Thursday 7:00-9:00pm. As a general rule, if the temperature is below 50 degrees we play indoors. Email us at if you would like to attend!